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Board of Deacons


The Board of Deacons consists of twelve or more members. 


The seriousness of the position of Deacon is mirrored in an Ordination Ceremony held before the congregation once a deacon is elected.  

Basic Functions.

The Board of Deacons, with the Senior Pastor, has the responsibility for the overall spiritual life of the church.  It assists the Senior Pastor in the evangelistic outreach of the church, endeavors to promote Christian fellowship, assists in discovering ways to enable families to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and is responsible for the watch-care of all member-families of the church. 


Members of the Board assist the pastor in the ordinances of the church such as Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Deacons' Fund

The Board of Deacons collects and administers a Deacons' Fund, which is used to aid those in the church or community who are in need of assistance.


The Board of Deacons meets monthly or as often as the Board deems necessary.

Other Activities

In addition to the functions above, the Board quarterly sponsors a "Deacons' Fellowship Breakfast", a well attended and much
anticipated event  by the congregation.

Please contact the Church Office at 962-3074 if you wish to talk with your current deacon.