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Board of Finance


The Board of Finance consists of eight members, including three members-at-large elected by the church, the Treasurer, and a chair                  elected by the church.

Basic Functions

The Board of Finance is responsible for the preparation of, securing support for and administering the annual budget and other financial programs of the church.  The Board also employs and supervises the Treasurer of the church.

Church Treasurer

The church treasurer has the general oversight of the finances of the church, including Sunday School, and is responsible for the disbursement of all funds in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Finance.  The treasurer brings a report to all meetings of the Board of Managers and to all regular business meetings of the church.  The treasurer pays all items covered by the church budget and approved purchase orders.

The term of the treasurer, who also serves as financial secretary, is indefinite.  The treasurer provides finance reports for the monthly meetings of the Board of Managers and regular business meetings of the church.


The Board of Finance meets quarterly or as often as the Board deems necessary.