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Board of Missions


The Board of Missions shall consist of nine members, including the chair.  When needed, members of the congregation will be asked to assist in special mission projects.

Basic Functions

The Board of Missions encourages interest and participation in the American Baptist World Mission by all members and groups of the church, and exercises supervision over special mission projects, special offerings and community outreach.


The Board of Missions meets monthly or as often as the Board deems necessary.

Other Activities:

The Mission Board has also sponsored mission trips to Mexico, Appalachia, and others.

The Board actively encourages contributions to such mission programs as:

One Great Hour of Sharing 
World Mission Offering   
ABW Love Gift
ABW State Project
Campus Ministries
Circle You Help Center
Community Food Pantry
Cross Road
Hope House
Jacy House
Kodiak Children's Home
Young Life
Individual Mission Families