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April 12, 2015 - Getting to Jerusalem - Luke 9:57-62

posted Apr 14, 2015, 1:31 PM by Grant Garber
  • There are times when life seems to settle into the plains of contentment.  Everything isn't perfect, but it is certainly well enough, and you would prefer to leave well enough alone.
  • Jesus isn't so interested in leaving well enough alone, and it is never long before He is once again on the move.

“My little body has grown tired of battle, and treatment is no longer helping.  But what I see, what I know, what I have is Jesus.” ~ Kara Tippett
  • Every year brings another experience in change.  It isn't really changes that we resist; we resist the losses that come with it.  
  • What is so special about Jerusalem?  In the Bible, Jerusalem stands as the symbol of our salvation.
  • We may not be clear about where the future is taking us or how we will get there, but the Bible insists that we live with a conviction that Jesus is leading us toward His New Jerusalem.
  • But we aren't there yet.
  • Jesus may take you to places you would rather not go.  He may bring gifts into your life that you would rather not have.  And He will certainly take away things from you that you would rather not give up.
  • You cannot move ahead by looking back.  Jerusalem is ahead of you.

“Hunger is a funny thing.  Finally, you get so that it just feels like the sap is just draining out of your body.  It is the strangest feeling.  We were starving.  We would get a shower about every three weeks.  And every time we would go to that shower you could see that the guys were skinnier than they were the last time.  Plain and simple, it was starvation.”Robert Atkins Sr.
  • We Christians live with all three tenses.  We are gratefully informed and guided by our past and draw our identity from it.  But so is our identity formed by our compelling vision of the future.  And so we live in the present day with the courage to make the choices we have to make to keep moving toward Jerusalem.
Pastor Jim Spon | Luke 9:57-62