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April 16, 2017 - Looking for Life Among the Dead - Luke 24:1-12

posted Jun 4, 2017, 7:17 PM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jun 5, 2017, 4:23 PM ]
  • We assume that we’re to get all we can out of life before it is over, and the ending is always the same – death.
  • Even though we all know about it, we try hard not to think about death. The real reason we prefer not to think about death and dying is that it tears apart our illusions of control.
  • Easter claims we don’t do the best we can with life on our own, then we die and enter some vaguely described place called heaven. Easter claims that’s not real life at all. It’s just avoiding death as long as possible, which is never the same thing as living.
  • It is amazing how much of our understanding of life’s mission boils down to looking for a life among the dead.
  • What if we could stop looking for life among the dead where everything is given back? What if we could begin eternal life, right now, today, here on earth? Then our life’s mission would be dramatically changed. And the biggest change is that we would be fearless.
  • Easter proclaims that life is an eternal gift from God.
  • The Bible teaches us to think vertically. It claims that life breaks in from above, it belongs to God, and it is always lived in His hands. Death is just a passage into even more life, but it is more of the life we can have today.
  • Unless you fear Easter, you will always fear everything else as just something else to lose.
  • Our daily mission is to receive the mystery of life unfolding before us.
  • No one who is anxious can enjoy beauty.
  • How do we stop anxiously looking for the living among the dead? By encountering the risen Savior.
  • The resurrection is God’s breaking into ordinary life.
  • Will you join those who have gone before you in giving to Jesus the life you can’t keep to receive a new life you can never lose?
Pastor Jim Spon | Luke 24:1-12 (RSV)