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April 20, 2014 - The Easter Hope of the Skeptic - John 20:19-28

posted Apr 23, 2014, 12:11 PM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 6:48 AM ]
  • The primary catalyst for a skeptic’s original doubts and decisive questionings can usually be traced to a significant negative experience.
  • Thomas’s skepticism was born of a wounded pride and a sense of rejection.
  • We live in a world where the untestable rapidly becomes the indefensible. Science has taught us well: If you can’t prove it --- don’t press it.
  • Once the hallmark of infidelity, skepticism is now the shining star of intelligence. In some circles the more cynical the mind, the more evident its intellectual ability.
  • Skepticism is a choice: Whom shall I believe? If you believe in only what you see, then you are left with no history at all.
  • During Thomas’s darkest hours of doubt, Jesus had been with him, even though Thomas hadn't known it. The resurrected Christ is Companion of the skeptic, as well as the believer.
  • The reality Thomas had rejected had been standing beside him, even when he didn't believe.
  • Nobody dies for a speculation. Thomas died for the Companion who had never abandoned him, even at the time his faith was darkest.
  • If such a doubter can believe, then hope exists for us too.
Pastor Jim Spon | John 20:19-28