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April 26, 2105 - Building Community – Plan to Start Moving - Ruth 3:6-13

posted Apr 29, 2015, 10:25 AM by Grant Garber
  • We love our plans.  If you want to reach a goal, it takes a good plan.
  • Grace is all about God’s initiatives in our lives, which means that God also has plans.  God’s plans often interrupt our own plans.  
  • There is a false piety which is often an excuse for laziness.  Naomi took the initiative, but she followed the direction which she believed God was already pointing out.
  • Faith always grows when it acts on the basis of what the Lord has already accomplished and provided.
  • The entire story of Ruth is one of ordinary people who are all doing the best they can with their plans.
  • The grace of God that redeems us, changes our lives, and brings us under His wings is mediated through ordinary people.  
  • If God wants to do something, He certainly can.  But most of our stories are like that of Ruth, who never saw a miracle.  She didn't expect it, and neither should we.
  • Expect to have to devise a strategy for what you will do with your life.  
  • You only have this one life.  This is your one opportunity to make a difference.
Pastor Jim Spon | Ruth 3:6-13