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April 30, 2017 - Inquiring Minds Want to Know - Psalm 2

posted Jun 4, 2017, 7:26 PM by Grant Garber
Question #1
Why do the nations conspire?

Question #2
Why do the people plot in vain?
  • Whoever today’s kings are and wherever they meet their whole approach to life and, therefore, the influence they apply on people, is opposite to the Lord’s ways.
  • The psalmist had no doubt that the leaders of his day were “…against the Lord and against his Anointed One.” For the most part, the situation is the same today as it was then.
  • Self-sufficient people, wrapped up in their own schemes, content with their sins, and bent on living their own lives, don’t want to know about a Redeemer.
  • The leaders and opinion makers of humankind are vocal and they are busy making opinions and selling them attractively packaged. The “chains” and “fetters” that they want to get rid of are the principles and standards of God and His Word.
  • God has no time at all for clever schemes that ignore His sovereignty and replace it with the sovereignty of created humankind.
  • The wrath of God is as pure as the holiness of God. It is as consistent with who He is as is His love.
  • The contrast between the kings who set themselves and the King whom God has set must not be missed.
  • While chaos reigns on earth as a result of humankind’s arrogant rejection of God and our attempts to bring our own rebellion and independence under control, God and His Anointed One are seated in heaven confident and in command.
  • Those who have been in arrogant rebellion against God must exercise their minds (“be wise”) and use their wills (“serve the Lord”).
Pastor Jim Spon | Psalm 2