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April 5, 2015 - The Mission of Forgiveness - John 20:19-23

posted Apr 14, 2015, 1:01 PM by Grant Garber
  • Isn't it ironic that the door to Jesus tomb was open and He was gone, while the disciples were huddled together in fear behind a locked door?  It makes you wonder who was really in a tomb.
  • We all fear something.
  • The most secure doors of all are the ones that lead into our hearts.
“shalom”  =  “a peaceful and just ordering of all of your relationships”
  • The Lord Jesus Christ literally, bodily, and historically, rose from the dead.  And He is with us now.  That is the source of our “shalom” – our peace; our freedom from fear.
  • Jesus gave us the mission to forgive the sins of others for our own sakes.
  • The retaining you do by refusing to forgive and holding onto the sins of those who hurt you is only retaining yourself in the small room of your wounded heart.
  • Forgiveness frees us from the power of the wounds we have experienced. 
  • The human heart can handle as much love, joy, and gratitude as you want to put into it.  That same heart will fill up quickly with anger and resentment.
  • How do we find our freedom from the locked doors of resentment?
  • Real forgiveness requires a Savior Who can go to the cross where all of our hurt is taken on and Who rises to give new life to relationships.  We don’t produce forgiveness – we just proclaim it, and at our best moments, we participate in it.
  • Jesus didn't unlock the door that the disciples were hiding behind.  That part is up to you and me. 
Pastor Jim Spon | 2 Timothy 1:3-7