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August 2, 2015 - A Mighty Wind - Acts 2:1-6

posted Aug 24, 2015, 2:28 PM by Grant Garber
  • The Holy Spirit is a mighty wind that moves across the dark chaos that settles in, pushes it aside, and creates life in its place.
  • When the winds of change sweep through your family, your life, our community, do you know what it means?  Do you realize that this may be the Spirit of God who insists on leading you to a new life?
  • Like the first disciples who nestled together in their familiar upper room, we, too, look for places of sanctuary.
  • At Pentecost, as the disciples were hiding in their safe upper room; the wind rushed down upon them and blew them out of their sanctuary into the waiting world. 
  • Sanctuaries are good places.  But whenever we use our safe place to resist change, the sanctuary becomes a tomb.  Expect Jesus to send His Spirit to breathe life back into you by pushing you to a new place where you can only live by faith, which is the only way to be fully alive.
  • The war dead tell us that no one gets to keep their freedom by playing it safe.  They also tell us that we must accept the gift they were dying to give us and to live our lives, to grab hold of the wild mystery of life, and to be free of the tombs. 
  • What Pentecost tells us is that the Holy Spirit will push you into this life.  The wind forces all of the disciples of Christ out of their safe places in order to follow the risen Savior who is at work in the world.  For where He is, there is our life and our freedom.
Pastor Jim Spon | Acts 2:1-6