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December 10, 2017 - Immanuel -- Comfort - Isaiah 40:1-8

posted Dec 11, 2017, 7:20 PM by Grant Garber
  • Isaiah never lived to experience this comfort which God’s Spirit let him see. But, the children of these people, living in exile in Babylon, had hope of comfort.
  • This comfort is still ours today whenever our gracious God comes down to us, His people.
  • We look back to and prepare not only to celebrate our Savior’s first coming at Christmas; we also look forward to and prepare for our Savior’s second coming.
  • Just like the saints of old Isaiah preached to, we also need to prepare.
  • When God’s glory is revealed, one of two things happens. It either consumes and destroys, or enlightens and glorifies.
  • Our old sinful self who wants nothing to do with John the Baptist’s message to repent and prepare, is consumed and destroyed by God’s Law, and our new glorious self, who yearns to see Jesus, is enlightened and guided by God’s comforting Gospel. And it is this Word which will endure forever until the end of the age when Jesus will come again in glory.
  • As people of comfort, let’s thank God that we don’t put our hope and faith in people who like grass and the flowers of the field wither and fall.
  • We are saints militant only for a time. Our life as saints triumphant, our future glorious lives in the age to come will endure forever, just as the Word of our God endures forever, and whatever it says always comes true.
  • Every single one of God’s gracious promises has come true!
  • The phrase “the word of our God stands forever” is so important. It means we take our stand on the Word of the Lord, and not on the word of any person or the wisdom of any age.
Advent Series
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 40:1-8