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December 14, 2014 - What Does Your Life Speak to Those Around You? (Preparing the Way of the Lord) - Luke 1:11-20

posted Dec 16, 2014, 12:54 PM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 6:46 AM ]
  • We tell ourselves that if we don’t get what we expect, the only mature thing to do is to cope with how it is.
  • The Bible doesn't tell us we will get what we want just because we expect it.  It says that we should be very careful about expectations because they are a veiled way of trying to control the future.  And the future belongs to God.
  • The Bible does tell us to live with expectancy.  To live with expectancy is to believe that God is at work in our world and in our lives, so anything can happen.
  • We get into trouble with Christmas when we try to capture its expectancy with our own expectations.
  • A life without hope cannot speak blessings.  Does your life speak of disappointed expectations, or does it speak a blessing?
  • There is something about Christmas which takes the words away from us.  It is sometimes in the silent moments that it is most easy to behold the work of God among us.
  • You can’t behold a miracle when you are talking. 
  • Jesus does what we cannot do.  He believes what we cannot imagine.  He saves those we cannot help.  He breaks through the icy resolve to recover our souls.  He is the holy response to our every yearning. 
  • Don’t just ask me whether what I have done is my life.  Ask me whether what Christ has done is my life.
Pastor Jim Spon | Luke 1:11-20