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December 17, 2017 - Immanuel: Release - Isaiah 61:1-3

posted Dec 29, 2017, 10:22 AM by Grant Garber
  • On some level we all understand this deep desire for release; that God would lift the burdens of life off of our weary shoulders and that He would simply make things better.
  • Jesus came to bring us the infinitely good news of release! He cares about our struggles.
  • But what if nothing happens? Jesus does promise us release, and we will have it. We just may not have it now.
  • First and foremost it’s a spiritual release that Jesus comes to bring us.
  • The Year of Jubilee pointed ahead to the eternal rest Jesus was coming to give -- - so we could be set free forever. Isaiah’s words foreshadow the spiritual rest that would come through Jesus.
  • All the miracles Jesus performed fulfilled what Isaiah had promised, but only to a point. The ultimate fulfillment would not be release from earthly suffering, but in releasing us from the possibility of eternal suffering.
  • Jesus wants to set us free from every burden….forever! But He can only do that by first releasing us from our spiritual imprisonment to sin and the poverty of having a broken relationship with God. He can only fix our broken hearts and end our mourning if He offers a joy that will last forever, that can never be marred or ruined.
  • Even if the only hope of release we have is in heaven, if we have to suffer in this life until that day, we still have hope. We will still get release, and this is an empowering thought.
  • When life is good, but even more so when it isn’t, we can glorify God and look forward to our ultimate release at His side in eternal glory.
Advent Series
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 61:1-3