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December 31, 2017 - A Fresh Start - Acts 16:22-34

posted Jan 20, 2018, 5:37 PM by Grant Garber
Wouldn’t it be great to get a fresh start in 2018? To feel like it’s really going to be different, to know that even if disasters occur, as they are bound to, even if the weather is unpredictable and even if aches and pains flare up once again, in spite of that sameness and routine, wouldn’t it be great if each day felt like a breath of fresh air, and you could greet each day with a smile on your face and joy in your heart?
  1. Bow Down.
    • The jailer was no longer bowing down in fear, but in faith.
    • On the Last Day every knee will bow before Jesus. The question is: Will people bow down in fear or faith, in anxiety or joy, in humiliation or happiness?
    • Get a fresh start this New Year in the name of Jesus and bow down like the Bethlehem shepherds, the Magi and the jailer, not in fear but in faith.
  2. Speak Up.
    • The jailer started each day fresh in the name of Jesus, speaking up openly about the joy that comes only from Jesus, whose name isn’t just a label but summarizes His reputation, “Savior”.
    • Those who push Jesus aside in this life will have to acknowledge Him in the next.
    • Sharing good news about victory has nothing to do with whether you are an introvert or extrovert, nothing to do with whether you are a private person or the life of the party. The good news about victory simply pops out.
    • Get a fresh start this New Year in the name of Jesus, and speak up.
  3. Work Out.
    • The jailer continued to live out his salvation because God was working in him to will and act for God’s good purposes.
    • Let’s get a fresh start this New Year in the name of Jesus and work out, exercise our faith.
One day we’ll look back on 2017 as “so many years ago”, and I pray we will always remember it as the year you, I, and First Baptist Church of Richmond got a fresh start in the name of Jesus!

Pastor Jim Spon | Acts 16:22-34