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December 3, 2017 - Immanuel -- Humility - Isaiah 63:16b-17; 64:1-8

posted Dec 11, 2017, 7:16 PM by Grant Garber
Series Question
What does it do to us to realize God is coming down to earth?
  • Isaiah wants God to come down to earth and reveal His glory, save His people, bring justice and be God.
  • Isaiah shows us a dreadful truth -- - If God comes to bring justice to bear upon the wicked that means He will also bring justice to bear upon me.
  • As much as we want God to come down and be with us, there is also this sense of dread at the thought of it actually happening.
  • Even our best deeds are like filthy rags, because we know they are contaminated by impure hearts, ulterior motives and secret ambitions that conceal what is really going on.
  • God will come down on the Last Day to surprise us all!
  • We are completely inadequate and unprepared to meet God when He comes down.
  • God isn’t coming to humiliate us, but His coming does humble us.
  • God is a Father with high expectations for His children, but by also redeeming us as He long ago promised to Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and Isaiah, He makes it so that we are prepared to receive Him. Bottom line…..He just wants to be with us!
  • Through Christ, the Redeemer God comes down and tears the mountains in two, breaking into history to clean us up and prepare us for when He comes down again for us.
  • When God comes down to earth we find first and foremost humility, the kind of humility that leads us to be filled with love and devotion to God our Father, our Creator, and our Redeemer.
  • More than anything else we might want this Christmas --- we want God.
Advent Series
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 63:16b-17; 64:1-8