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February 26, 2017 - Battling Against Fear - Matthew 28:10

posted Mar 31, 2017, 5:53 PM by Grant Garber
  • One problem that has haunted people in every generation is how to deal with their anxieties.
  • What Christian faith has to offer all generations is life lived with confidence and the end of the domination of powers that make us afraid.
  1. We are afraid of the past.
    • What happened yesterday is very much alive in our present experiences.
    • The Gospel says we must confess our sins and be forgiven by God.
    • Forgiveness comes as a release from the intolerable burden of guilt.
  2. We are afraid of the future.
    • Upon our society has fallen a shroud of fear of the future as gloomy and depressing as a foggy day.
    • How can we find a cure for our fear of tomorrow? The Bible finds it by considering the greatness of God who makes our life disturbances comparatively unimportant.
    • Thank God Christians believe that the future belong to God whose will is His children’s good.
  3. We are afraid of life.
    • We lose our willingness to say “yes” to the challenges of living and prefer to be half-alive if it means being safe.
    • How shall we be cured of our fear of life? We find our hope in Christ who gives us the glad confidence that we are led day by day into forever-enlarging tomorrows.
  4. We are afraid of death.
    • We are dedicated to the proposition that we must prolong life for just as long as possible, and in this wild desire to emphasize quantity rather than quality, we make it vulgar and cheap.
    • Christ removes our fear of death!
Pastor Jim Spon | Matthew 28:10