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January 10, 2016 - The Word That Shines - II Peter 1:16-21

posted Feb 8, 2016, 11:07 AM by Grant Garber
  1. Pay Attention to the Witness of the Transfiguration (vv. 16-18).
    • History vs. Fables
      • We can trust Peter’s words because of his experience as an eyewitness of the Transfiguration.
      • The Bible presents itself as a sober recognition of God’s space and time intervention into history.
      • The Transfiguration represented a display of the Kingdom of God coming in power.
      • Peter makes it very clear that this was all experienced because they were physically present.
  2. Pay Attention to the Witness of the Prophetic Word (vv. 20-21).
    • Divine Origin vs. Human Origin
      • Concursus refers to the coming together or the convergence of the human and the divine in Scripture.
    • Opposition to Reading the Bible
      • The World
      • The Devil (and his servants)
  3. Look to and Live by the Light of the Word (v. 19).
      • God commands us to pay attention to the Word as to a lamp shining in a dark place.
      • We need the Word of God until the darkness is no more.  
    • So why the delay?
      • The Lord measures time differently than we do.
      • God is fundamentally and gloriously different than us.
      • Not wanting any to perish, God is waiting for you to repent and be reconciled to Him.
Pastor Jim Spon | II Peter 1:16-21