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January 1, 2017 - Christ in You, the Hope of Glory - Colossians 1:27

posted Jan 12, 2017, 3:49 PM by Grant Garber
“This is the whole Gospel, the birth of the holy Jesus within us; His conquering life overcoming our inward death.”
“A Christ not in us is. . . .a Christ not ours.”
~William Law
  • Not all who profess and call themselves Christians are in this mystery/secret.
The heart of this mystery ---
  1. Near is not enough.
    • The important thing isn’t what happens to us but what happens in us.
    • God in Christ was able and willing to come right into the heart of His consenting servants and live there, teaching them to love like God, to think with God, and to will one will with God.
  2. Then is not enough.
    • Some Christian preaching and teaching has concerned itself exclusively with the future.
    • To have “Christ in you” is to have it abundantly now, and eternally too.
  3. Now is not enough.
    • The Christian’s “hope of glory” is a sure and certain hope. It is a hope which has no shadow of doubt.
    • Now is not enough. We must have “then” also. Both!
Pastor Jim Spon | Colossians 1:27