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January 17, 2016 - Racial Harmony

posted Feb 8, 2016, 11:44 AM by Grant Garber
  1. A Personal Narrative
    • Rockford, Illinois (Birth to 17)
    • College Years (age 17-21)
    • Adulthood
  2. Biblical Bearings:  Why We Should Care About Racial Harmony
    • God made from one man every nation of humankind.
    • The fall and the Tower of Babel led to ethnic differences and began a whole history of ethnic hatred.
    • Redemption accomplished on the cross shows that God purchased all peoples with the price of the blood of His Son.
    • One day, in the consummation, we will be swept up into the experience of sinless life together with brothers and sisters from every tribe and tongue around the throne.
    • The things that unite us are bigger and more beautiful than the things that make us different.
    • Reconciliation Accomplished (Colossians 1:19-22)
    • Reconciliation Applied (Philemon)
      • Relationships in the body of Christ are gospel relationships and social issues like slavery were then and are now gospel issues.
      • Heart change must precede social change in order to be lasting change.
      • Equality before God through the gospel challenges the very heart and soul of slavery as the ownership of one human by another.
  3. A Model for Moving Forward:  Gospel Healing
    • Examples of False Identities:
      • Self-hatred Identity
      • Rage-filled Identity
      • Victim Mentality
      • Hip White Person Identity
      • White Superiority Identity
      • Color-blind Identity
    • Corporate Identity: 
      • Look around the throne – what we see there is who we are now – even if we don’t experience it all now.
      • There is a link between telling the truth and experiencing reconciliation.
    • Risks and Solutions:
      • The victim could remain locked in rage, while the dominant person could remain locked in ignorance and apathy. 
      • The majority class may feel like doing a little is enough to ease their guilt and thus not see the need for perseverance.
      • A focus on worship is the answer through the cross.
Pastor Jim Spon