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January 22, 2017 - If You Come With Us - Numbers 10:29-32

posted Feb 5, 2017, 10:52 AM by Grant Garber
Moses made his appeal on the basis of…..
  1. I Will Do Something for You.
    • People, we are told, will do only what seems to them to be to their own advantage.
  2. You Can Do Something for Us.
    • Moses assumes that people have a desire to be used for the service of others and that people need to be needed.
  3. Let’s Do Something Together.
    • There seems to be an unwritten law of human nature that people become their best only when they are working together for something that is bigger than individual ambition.
  4. This Is the Way God Deals with Us.
    • God doesn’t seek to win our love by promising to do something for our advantage. He goes deeper than that and calls us by making us aware of the world’s need and pain. But best of all, we become a part of His process of bringing salvation and healing.
    • Christ will go with us wherever He wants us to go.
Pastor Jim Spon | Numbers 10:29-32