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January 3, 2016 - Why We Don’t Pray - James 1:5-8

posted Feb 8, 2016, 11:01 AM by Grant Garber
  1. Prayer (Asking) Is an Act of Humility (v. 5)

    Problem: Pride

    • Prayer is an act of humility that causes us to come to grips with the fact that we are deficient.
    • Growing up in Christ doesn’t mean becoming more and more independent of Christ!
    • The difference between pride and humility is really the difference between prayerlessness and prayerfulness.

  2. Prayer (Asking) Is an Act of Faith (vv. 6-8)

    Problem: The Divided Person

    • Our sin makes us double-minded and therefore unstable.
    • Prayer is not a way to control God – like putting money into a vending machine when we are hungry for a specific thing.
    • Is there a driving passion that accounts for the direction of our life?  James says there are only two possibilities:  God or the world.

  3. Prayer (Asking) Is an Act of Knowing the True God (v. 5)

    Solution: The Need to See God’s All-Sufficiency and His Undivided Heart for Us

    • You cannot separate praying rightly from rightly knowing the One to whom we pray. 
    • God gives with a singular heart toward His people.
    • God doesn’t pick apart our lives and treat us as our sins deserve.
    • God’s perfect, pure, full Fatherly heart of love is our greatest incentive to pray.
Pastor Jim Spon | James 1:5-8