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July 10, 2016 - Respecting Life - Exodus 20:12-13

posted Jul 26, 2016, 10:29 AM by Grant Garber
  • The fifth and sixth commandments call us to revere life -- - the lives of those around us, and our own life that has been shaped and molded by father and mother.
  • Unless you honor the home from which you have come, you will never be able to receive the home to which you are heading.
  • To honor means to give people due importance, respect, and to acknowledge the significance they have. To honor your parents means you realize that you didn’t spring forth out of nothing and that your life was shaped, for better or worse, by those who raised you.
  • To honor the past doesn’t mean you condone it. It means you see it for what it is, and realize God has used it all to shape your life.
  • To honor father and mother also means that we don’t make them more than they were. They were neither devils nor gods.
  • Taking a human life is the ultimate rebellion against the Creator for it assumes sovereignty over life and death, and robs from God His unique right to give and take it away.
  • For Jesus, righteousness is not a matter of what you avoid doing, but of what you do, and even think and feel.
  • We dare not savor our anger because that will inevitably manifest itself in gossip or other diminishing activities that tarnish the sacred image stamped on a human life.
“Resentment is like feeding yourself rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die. It only hurts us.” Anne Lamott
  • We are most tempted to get lost in our anger at others when our own lives don’t turn out as we had hoped.
  • In a society that has lost the ability to receive life as it is, and therefore has lost the meaning of life, one of the most redemptive things a Christian can do is to know how to cherish the creativity of God that is embedded in life’s ordinary places.
Pastor Jim Spon | Exodus 20:12-13