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June 12, 2016 - Yoked to Your Real Citizenship - Matthew 5:10-12

posted Jun 20, 2016, 7:30 AM by Grant Garber
  • We want our spirituality to get us out of trouble, not into trouble.
  • The early Christians were thought to be traitors.
  • The early Christians were thought to be unreasonable.
  • There are some who know what physical persecution is because they wear the name Christian.
  • Like all Christians who are serious about only calling Jesus, Lord, you will find that you are also persecuted for the high crime of treason, not because you’ll be thought to be a traitor to the nation, but because you’ll be a traitor to our prevailing culture.
  • Christianity claims there can only be one center to your life. Everything else has to find its place in relationship to this one center.
  • The tremendous irony is that Christianity spread through the Roman Empire during its time of persecution. Why was that? Because the Christians were free, and freedom is always compelling.
  • The church wanted these new Christians to be unafraid. So they got the dying over with. That’s what baptism means. Dying is now behind you.
  • There is no avoiding some form of persecution if you say Jesus alone is Lord. Blessed are you when you are clear about that singular identity.
  • You don’t have to go out in search of persecution to obtain this blessing.
  • Our society thinks that what freedom means is that you can do anything that you want. Freedom comes from knowing what your life is about, having the one center, being clear about your identity. The blessing is that, when you are persecuted, your reward will be great in heaven.
  • What the Beatitude means is that those who live under heaven have a compelling vision of life. They know where their true citizenship is.
Pastor Jim Spon | Matthew 5:10-12