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June 8, 2014 - The Calling of a Leader - I Samuel 10:17-27

posted Jun 9, 2014, 6:08 AM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 7:00 AM ]
  • The calling of a leader isn't really to lead. It is to seek the Lord who alone can lead people to a future filled with hope.
  • Very often in the Bible we find God accommodating to the less-than-stellar ideas of His people. He doesn't insist on His own will for us but stays with us even when we walk down the wrong road, and finds ways to redeem our mistakes for our salvation. It is always about the grace of God.
  • Throughout the Bible, the leaders God calls almost never apply for the job. They are all reluctant.
Why do we try to hide from the call of God?
  1. We feel inadequate.
    • The people who look big in their own eyes are never chosen by God.
    • God didn't call you to leadership because He needs your help. God has no needs. He chose you simply to be His willing instrument.
  2. We had other plans.
    • If you are just chomping at the bit to be a leader, you will be of little use to God. That’s because God wants leaders who don’t need to lead.
    • If we can’t walk away from being leaders, we were never serving God.
  3. Our fear of conflict.
    • God’s appointed leaders always face opposition. And the greatest opposition comes not from the external enemies but from the people the leader is trying to serve.
    • If you are making everyone happy, you aren't leading.
    • Saul couldn’t save anyone. Neither can you or I. Only the Spirit of the Lord can save.
    • If you are in leadership and you don’t seek the Spirit of the Lord, you will be overshadowed by the spirit of your enemies.
    • It isn't hard to start well, but history will evaluate your leadership by how you end.
    • Leadership is never about what you do. The real job of a leader is to always search for what God is doing in the hard times and especially in that dangerous moment to your souls when the times are good.

Pastor Jim Spon | I Samuel 10:17-27