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March 6, 2016 - The Point Is Not to Be Right, But Joyful - Luke 15:25-30

posted Apr 20, 2016, 1:07 PM by Grant Garber
  • The elder brother’s problem is that he isn’t really that bad.
  • The issue with sin isn’t about its quantity or its quality, but its effects.  And it is always the same.  Sin is anything that keeps you out of the Father’s arms.
  • We tend to think of the Heavenly Father as being above these strong emotions, remaining aloof in His heavenly house and waiting for us to get it right.
  • When we get confused by all of the talk about grace in the church, it is similarly because we just don’t see the justice in it.
  • The family of God isn’t held together by people getting what they deserve.  The family of God is held together by the joy of the lost being found.
  • The point isn’t to be right.  The point is to be joyful.
  • Most of us don’t mind working like a slave – as long as everyone knows about it and frequently expresses their appreciation.
  • Real joy comes not from being thanked, but from doing the thanking. 
  • The things that give us the most joy are always the things we didn’t earn.
  • They weren’t celebrating or honoring the prodigal at all.  They were celebrating because the lost has been found, and the family has been restored.
Pastor Jim Spon | Luke 15:25-30