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May 1, 2016 - Be Careful of Standing So Tall That You Are Outside the Light of Christ - Matthew 5:1-3

posted May 5, 2016, 12:37 PM by Grant Garber
  • To be yoked to Jesus means that His own character begins to develop within us as the Spirit binds us to the Savior.
  • The Beatitudes provide a fabulous description of what this new character is that Jesus is building in all of our lives.
  • The meaning of “blessing” for us in the Beatitudes has nothing to do with the promise that you can, through spirituality, transcend the cares of this world. It has everything to do with finding the right path by being yoked to Jesus.
“blessed are the poor in spirit” = “blessed are the spiritual destitute”
  • The right path home comes by confessing that you have lost your way.
  • Those who are poor in spirit never feel like saints. Everyone who feels like a saint, isn’t one.
  • No arrogance is worse than spiritual arrogance.
  • Jesus brings us, as His contemporary disciples, constantly to the moments when we have to encounter our spiritual poverty.
  • The point of this first Beatitude is not to say that you are unworthy. Your life is filled with worth. The point is to make clear how this worth is found. Our worth is found in the love of the Son who comes for us, who forgives us, who restores us. Our worth is found in the love of the Father who, like the father of the prodigal, runs down the road to embrace this one who was lost. Our worth comes from the love of the Spirit who amazingly adopts us into the triune family of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and you and me and all who receive the light of Christ.
Pastor Jim Spon | Matthew 5:1-3