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May 24, 2015 - Being a Good Steward of Your Failures - Acts 9:19b-25

posted May 26, 2015, 5:31 AM by Grant Garber
Main Thought
Part of our mission is knowing how to have good failures.
  • Seldom is someone argued into believing in the need for a Savior.  Faith is always a gift from God.
  • Paul never got over this early failure.  That’s the good news because he continued to learn from it, use it, and experienced more of God’s conversion through it.
  • We spend most of our lives either being converted toward or away from the image of Jesus Christ.  And there is nothing like a failure to make you move one way or the other.
“gravitas” = “a weighty soul”
  • No one has “gravitas” without experiencing some good failures along the way.  These are the people you go to for counsel and advice.
  • The difference in a devastating failure and a good failure is one that results in more conversion of your life.
  • Anyone who is living life to its fullest has to spend some time on the edges.  And you can’t get out on the edges, where risk is taken and faith is exercised, without occasionally falling off the edge. 
  • How do you respond to this inevitable failure when it comes?
    • Some become paralyzed with analysis.
    • Some become paralyzed with regret and remorse over what we have done and left undone.
    • Some become paralyzed with fear that it will happen again.
  • The reason Paul could keep going to the next town to talk about Jesus wasn’t because he expected to succeed, but because he wasn’t afraid to fail.  He knew he could never lose the love of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Both the successes and failures of life should make you humble.

Pastor Jim Spon | Acts 9:10-19a