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May 25, 2014 - The Credentials of a Good Shepherd - John 10:11-18

posted May 28, 2014, 8:15 AM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 6:58 AM ]
  1. What did Jesus mean by identifying Himself as the “Good Shepherd”?
    • Jesus made the most elaborate of claims --- asking disciples to forsake houses, lands and family for His sake.
    • On what authority, by what power, did He make His claims?
    • Jesus made all His demands by virtue of His claim to be the “Good Shepherd”.
    • As the “Good Shepherd” Jesus loves and cares for us as individuals.
    • He knows our names.
    • He knows our distinctive characteristics.
    • He knows our needs.
  2. What evidence did Jesus offer to substantiate His claim to be the “Good Shepherd”?
    • The evidence was in His willingness to go to any length to protect the sheep.
    • We learn the true meaning of His words when He suffers on Calvary and is resurrected on Easter morning.
    • His words not only testify to His credentials as the “Good Shepherd” but as the obedient and pleasing Son of God that He was.
  3. What response should you and I make to the credentials of the “Good Shepherd”?
    • “If” Jesus is the “Good Shepherd”, “then” the sheep ought to follow Him.
    • Is He your Shepherd?

Pastor Jim Spon | John 10:11-18