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May 3, 2015 - Building Community – Making Commitments - Ruth 4:7-12

posted May 4, 2015, 6:50 AM by Grant Garber
  • You are defined by the ideals and the relationships to which you are committed.
  • The most extraordinary things can happen when people pray and are willing to make a commitment.
  • Some of us remember past hurts when someone made a commitment that he or she could or would not keep.  It hurt so much that we vowed we would never go through that again.  So we become weary of committing our fragile hearts again.
  • How do you make a commitment to something that will become different than it was when you made the commitment?
  • It is easier to be in love with the idea of love than to commit ourselves to the flawed people God wants to give us.
  • Others of us are afraid of commitments because we have failed at them in the past.  
  • From the deepest places within us emerges a yearning to be connected, interwoven, devoted and committed to others.  But how do we do that? 
    1. A commitment isn't really something you make.  It is something you receive.  
    2. Commitments are costly.
      • Through committing ourselves to others, we receive blessings from God.
    3. Freedom is found only in commitments.
  • God is involved in our commitments.  It is the three-fold cord that doesn't easily break.
Pastor Jim Spon | Ruth 4:7-12