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November 1, 2015 - I Love the Church - Matthew 6:19-21

posted Nov 2, 2015, 1:30 PM by Grant Garber
Main Thought
If you want your life to have a holy purpose, then you must choose what you will do with the things you are holding.
  • The things we carry start to take on symbolic value.  They reveal something of our character.
  • The more you mature, the more you realize that the things you are holding seem to be slowly nibbled away – health, accomplishments, and nest eggs.  Day by day, we watch as these things slip away.
  • Invest your life in things that are eternal.  Invest your life in things you will never have to give up – things that abide.
  • Faith and hope and love – we believe in these things here.  It is what our church is actually built upon, and that is what we ask you to invest in if you love this church.
  • Take control of your heart.  Determine where you will invest it because if you want to know where your heart is, just look at your checkbook.
  • You have to give to the things you love.
  • In God’s hands, miracles can happen with the things we are holding.
Pastor Jim Spon | Matthew 6:19-21