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November 12, 2017 - Rethinking the Impossible - Mark 10:17-31

posted Dec 11, 2017, 6:27 PM by Grant Garber
  1. The deficiency of human achievement.
    • The rich young ruler, by his own efforts….
      • Gained money, power and position.
      • Has a fast-moving and forward looking view of the world.
      • Has respect for authority.
      • Yet, he longs for spiritual meaning and the assurance of eternal life.
  2. The tragic truth of the human quest for eternal life.
    • The rich young ruler’s assumptions are all wrong…..
      • He assumes that goodness can be achieved through human effort.
      • He assumes that eternal life can be earned.
        • Love always prompts Jesus to speak ultimate truth!
      • He assumes that everything can be bought for a price.
        • Eternal life is a value that can’t be bought, but costs our all.
  3. The grand reversal of human values.
    • Jesus reverses the expectations so often attached to wealth.
      • Wealth is a human value with an insatiable hunger which fixes a person to earth.
      • Rich, poor, beggar, and thief -- - no one can enter by their own virtue or need, but anyone and everyone can be saved by the gift of God.
    • Jesus reverses the rewards attached to wealth.
      • Jesus’ disciples have no reason for self-pity.
      • Jesus includes persecution among the spiritual values His disciples will receive.
    • Jesus reverses the position attached to wealth.
      • Jesus throws the whole human parade into reverse!
Rethinking Traditional Wisdom Series
Pastor Jim Spon | Mark 10:17-31