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November 13, 2016 - Removing the Stone and Raising a Banner - Isaiah 62:10

posted Nov 19, 2016, 9:49 PM by Grant Garber
  • It is impossible to make people good!
  • God doesn’t force us, and we can’t force others.
  • So is it useless to spend our time and energy in work and prayer for a new order of things?
  • By no means! There is a great and essential task we have to do. God depends on our doing it.
  1. We are to “remove the stones” by having a Christian concern for social reform.
    • We can’t force people to goodness, but we can construct an unobstructed way.
  2. We must “raise a banner for the nations”.
    • How can we make the road to heaven inviting?
    • We must make righteousness appealing and set goodness in a beautiful light.
    • We do this best by letting our light shine before others.
    • Joy is like the light in the church. It allows those outside the church to see the beauty that is there.
  3. When people feel drawn to the way of Christian discipleship, attracted by the banner of your joy, there must be no cowardice or faltering on our part when they say they want what we have. We must be ready to point them to Jesus!
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 62:10