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November 29, 2015 - Hope (The Messiah’s Gifts Series) - Isaiah 40:1-5

posted Dec 8, 2015, 5:58 AM by Grant Garber
Main Thought
Our hope comes not from what we accomplish, but from the Christmas surprises that God brings us.  The things we want most:  hope, peace, joy and love can only be received as holy gifts from the Lord.
  • We keep telling ourselves that a mark of maturity is to compromise on our dreams and settle for “good enough”.  This is a time-honored problem.
  • Biblical hope comes only as an interruption from God.
  • Christmas is an invitation to return life to the right place.
  • It is God who constructs the highway to the right place.  And He builds it not so we can get to the life of our dreams, but so God can get to us.
  • When the Bible talks about hope it is always referring to the discovery that God is not done with your life. 
  • To wait upon God is the soul’s way of taking a stand for hope. The hardest work you will do in the four weeks ahead is not to get ready for a holiday – it is to prepare for a holy day.
  • A holy mystery is revealed to us in our little Christmas rituals.  By them we learn the rhythms of getting ready for the holy that only a Savior could bring.
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 40:1-5