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November 8, 2015 - Drop Your Net and Follow - Mark 1:14-20

posted Nov 9, 2015, 10:50 AM by Grant Garber
Main Question
What would it mean to resolve to follow Jesus more closely in your life?
  • Jesus wanted to show the first disciples how to catch people who were falling, so they could make a difference with their lives.
  • We all want to make a difference, even in some small way, to the lives of other people. We want our lives to matter.
  • You have to be willing to follow Jesus.  And that means you have to be willing to leave the familiar life behind.
  • It is hard to find anyone in the Bible who is in a serious drama with God and is undergoing a change for the better who is not on the move.
  • Will you allow the inevitable changes of life to change you into a person who is better equipped to make a difference?  Or, will you waste your losses in life by settling into the role of a victim?  This is your choice. 
  • The point of following Jesus isn’t to get settled into a new place.  The point of following Jesus is just to follow Jesus.
  • You have not yet fully encountered Jesus if you don’t know about His compelling nature.  
  • I don’t know what your call may be, but if Jesus is the one who is making the call, it is always a call first and foremost to follow Him.
Pastor Jim Spon | Mark 1:14-20