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October 23, 2016 - The Hurt of Answered Prayer - Isaiah 21:1-4

posted Nov 2, 2016, 12:10 PM by Grant Garber
We hear a great deal about the hurt of unanswered prayer. What about the hurt of answered prayer?
  1. The answer our prayers receive isn’t always the answer our hearts desire.
    • You take a certain risk when you turn to God for guidance. You expose yourself to certain unsuspected possibilities. He is so fiercely intolerant of sin; He is so passionate for our highest good that He may tell us things we would almost rather not have known.
    • Yet to turn to God for light is of all things in the world the wisest thing any person could do. You never know yourself until you see yourself in Him.
  2. Be prepared for the hurt of this --- God shows men and women themselves.
    • God holds up the mirror of Jesus before us, and, when we see ourselves in Him, we see our lack of service and assess the measure of our sin.
    • You can turn your back on Christ when He puts His finger on something in your life He doesn’t approve, but, by turning your back, you haven’t cleansed your heart, nor has the peace of God seeped into your soul, nor has the joy of life set you apart from those around you.
  3. We must go into the light with God. Pain or no pain, we must march on.
Pastor Jim Spon | Isaiah 21:1-4