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October 26, 2014 - Get Over It! (King David Series) - II Samuel 6:1-11

posted Oct 28, 2014, 6:47 AM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 6:55 AM ]
  • Some people are often a step behind God.
  • Some people are often a step ahead of God, and this describes David.  Running ahead of God is the best way to get lost in disappointment.
  • While the duties of Christian citizenship are clearly taught in the Bible, the Scriptures are equally clear about the fact that all nations stand before God as the object of His love and judgment.
  • God is a Spirit who can enter into the heart of any person who believes.  But large groups of believers gathering for spiritual reasons can serve as reinforcement for one’s faith.
  • Centuries ago God’s people used every known instrument to praise God.  Yet today, we have churches who feel that there is something irreligious about certain instruments, or in some cases, any instruments.
What went wrong in this story?  What made God so angry?
  • David “grabbed” the Ark because he planned to “use” God in his new capital.
  • Uzzah had a plan to keep God safely on an oxcart.
  • God will not be captured by anyone who thinks they might have a use for Him.
  • God will not be rescued by anyone whose plan is to keep Him safely tucked inside a box.
  • God has never been as offended by our impulsiveness as by our carefulness.
  • We can bring our anger, hurt and disappointment to God in worship, but our carefulness will always prevent us from knowing Him.
  • God will not be hauled around; certainly not by our hard working, oxen strategies for a better life.  Don’t pray for God to bless your plans; pray for eyes to see the plans of God.
  • Whatever your great argument with life may be, it is first of all an argument with God.  Until you give up trying to keep God in a box of your own comprehension, you will never recover the dance steps to life.
  • Maybe the time has come to slay the ox!  You are never going to get over the hurt until you sacrifice it and all of your justifications before God.

Pastor Jim Spon | II Samuel 6:1-11