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September 21, 2014 - I Choose You! (King David Series) - I Samuel 16:6-13

posted Sep 23, 2014, 8:39 AM by Grant Garber   [ updated Jan 28, 2015, 6:54 AM ]
Reasons for this sermon series on King David:
  1. David is an important figure in the Bible.
  2. Christians claim that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of David. So we need to understand the hopes both Israel and God had for David’s kingdom in order to grasp how they are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
  3. Through his flawed humanity, not in spite of it, David discovered a heart for God.
  • With Saul everything started out right, but his life ended in disaster. With David everything started wrong, but he ended his life as the greatest king Israel has ever known. The thing that made the difference was that David had a heart that God found irresistible.
  • If we really want to make changes in our lives, the place to start is with our hearts. Start from the inside out. The most important decision you will ever make is to what and to whom you will give your heart. Everything else follows.
What was it about David’s heart that distinguished him from his brothers and certainly from Saul? How was his heart molded, changed, and developed into a heart for God and for the service of leadership?
  1. His heart was shaped through solitude. Solitude redeems being alone as an opportunity to draw near to God.
  2. David’s heart was made healthy through waiting. God has also promised to be about a good work in your life, but you may wait a very long time to see that goodness unfold. Nothing is wasted however --- certainly not time.
  3. It is remarkable that David would believe God chose him. No matter how young or old you may be, and no matter how sure or confused you are about your life’s direction --- God is not done with your life!
Pastor Jim Spon | I Samuel 16:6-13